Our Services Group are here to help!

Whatever your needs might be from sharing our knowledge to getting you the resources you need or to a complete outsourced service. 

Our experienced team of experts are here to make your challenge as simple as it can be. Our services team includes LUMA1 experts, video producers, editors, scriptwriters, engineers, instructional designers and project management.

Our plans will provide you with everything you need to be successful!

Coach Plan

The Coach Plan is provided free with your LUMA 1 subscription. 

You are assigned a coach that will work with you to provide onboarding, guidance and support.

By the end of your onboarding you are ready to go live with LUMA1 with a completely branded platform and videos.

An expectation is that you can be up and running within 10 days.

Tailored Plan

The Tailored Plan gets you any help you need beyond the Coach Plan from LUMA1 to craft your videos.

The first step is to meet the LUMA1 team to review objectives and to establish a work plan.

The role for LUMA1 can be as simple as helping creating video, adding interactions, video editing and even helping with a script.

There is never a need for you to get stuck and our resources are cost effective. 

Total Plan

The LUMA1 team provides a complete turn-key solution for you. 

This includes the setup and management of LUMA1 with the creation and delivery of specialized content which can be blended with existing content.

Project run-time range from one up to six weeks plus. 

Contact us to start NOW!

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We have put our safety orientation videos on LUMA1 and rolled them out to all staff and business partners. We were up and running in two weeks and certified 3.500 people.

The Customer service was absolutely phenomenal.

BUTTCON Construction

Stephanie, Senior Safety Manager

The leadership team appreciated that training was specific to our locations and did not rely on generic examples.

Overall. a great experience and we look forward to working with the LUMA1 team again on additional projects.

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Hill & Smith

Diana, VP Health & Safety